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In this section we have decided to structure a real "blog" that will be constantly updated in order to create a flow of communication between us and our dear consumers or, more generally, people who have curiosity and questions about topic!
We will address various issues on wine and we will deepen what are the prerogatives of products and production processes.
We will create small tasting videos to illustrate the characteristics of our products and, more generally, of the types of wine present in our territory ... We will grow together!

WineHunter award ceremony to our beloved Abissi and Or!

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The Fiano di Avellino "Or" and our beloved Taurasi "Abissi" have reached a very important goal!

Focus on MissioN18 at the WineHunter Digital Wine & Siena Masterclass !!!

Below is the focus on the awards for MissioN18 with journalist ANDREA RADIC and President HELMUTH KÖCHER for the awarding of the WineHunter Red Stamp of International Excellence held on February 5, 6 and 7, 2021 during aWineHunter Digital Siena & Wine Masterclass.

On this occasion, we presented our structure and tasted two of the award-winning wines and we exchanged views and opinions with some of the greats. industry experts.

Once again a great honor!

See the video!

WineHunter award ceremony at our "Amour"

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Today was an important day for MissioN18 and we wanted to share it with those who, over the years, have supported us and have been close to us!

Creating a product and making it special means, in some way, getting involved and discovering one's weaknesses but, at the same time, growing and maturing.
MissioN18, although young, has gone through numerous difficulties and negative situations that would have determined, for any company, big problems if not bankruptcy situations!

MissioN18 at WineHunter Digital Wine & Siena year 2021

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MissioN18 to RadioNews24

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On February 4, MissioN18 will discuss with RadioNews24 officials ...

The new realities of Campania have finally aroused interest at the local and national level and the new communication channels are, for us, fundamental!

MissioN18 con Andrea Ratic a "Gusta e Degusta" su Radio FS News! (2)

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In February 2021, we had the honor of participating in an event focused on the tasting of some of the wines awarded by the authoritative WineHunter ...
On the occasion of this event, the illustrious journalist Andrea Ratic gave us the opportunity to "talk" about our initiative to "Fs News" in the column Gusta e Degusta!

MissioN18 at RadioPuntoZero

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With great pleasure MissioN18 attended a meeting in the Naples studios of RadioPuntoZero Social for a pleasant chat !!!

At the studios in Naples we have deepened some issues that affect the production and marketing system of MissioN18 wines ...

Together, then, we got closer to the reasons that pushed our founders to create MissioN18 and to the goals they have set themselves !!!

Listen to our first radio interview in the voice of one of our founders ... Carlo Mannelli!


The Birth of Lacryma Christi of Vesuvius

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There are various myths and legends about the name of wine ...

How to taste our Abissi

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Our Taurasi Abissi certainly represents our spearhead in the offer of artisanal wines ...

It is the most sublime synthesis of a universal will proper to our structure ...

The aglianico...

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It is an ancient vine, probably originally from Greece and introduced in Italy around the VII-VI century BC. One of the many testimonies of its long history is the discovery of the remains of a Roman press in the area of Rionero in Vulture, province of Potenza. There are no certainties about the origins of the name, which could date back to the ancient city of Elea (Eleanico), on the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania, or simply be a distortion of the word Hellenic.

Historical-literary evidence on the presence of this vine can be found in Orazio, who sang the qualities of his native Venosa and its excellent wine.

According to others, the original name does not derive from Elleanico or Ellenico which then became Aglianico during the Aragonese domination during the fifteenth century, due to the double l pronounced in Spanish phonetic usage but from the suffix "anicus" which in Latin indicates belonging to something and from the term "llano" which in Spanish means plain, so that Aglianico is nothing more than the wine of the plain, in Roman times a non-quality wine and therefore defined as Latin ...

WineHunter award ceremony at our mysterious Tourment!

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Our Tourment grape triptych has been awarded for international excellence by the President of WineHunter with the red label!

MissioN18 at RadioNews24

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The motivation that drives an entrepreneur or a structure to fight against a difficult reality is not easy to explain ...

You need intuition, stubbornness, courage, support ... Let's talk about a challenge that, many times, puts you to the test and requires great sacrifices!

Often, however, this path is surrounded by some satisfaction!

RadioNews24 contacted us to talk about us ... Thanks!

MissioN18 guest at Radio Punto Zero with speakers Stefania and Martina !!!

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The company of the amazing speakers Martina and Stefania of RadioPuntoZero was really very pleasant.

We chatted about "wine and surroundings" but, above all, we tackled the age-old theme of entrepreneurial choice ...

Challenging difficulties, looking for solutions never breaking down and, above all, fully believing in what you are !!!

Thanks for your sympathy and your professionalism!

Let's talk a little about what makes our Amour a unique product in the world!

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The search for a unique result is an arduous and difficult road.

Years of trial and error, procedure selection and constant errors ...

Loving what you do, however, means not breaking down and pushing to the end even without any hope ...

Finally ... after all the disappointments and challenges ... you reach a unique satisfaction!

"Io Mangio Campano" interviewes MissioN18!!!

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Improve quality wines, especially those from Campania, and make them appreciated around the world.

This is the "mission" of ... Mission18, a project born in 2018 which has just turned two years old.

Those who are part of it come from long experience in the commercial field and in particular in the wine sector. A rapidly evolving sector conditioned by many factors.

What stands out first is the label of the wines sold in the online store: a dark, heavy graphic, with devilish tones.

And - those in the know understand - also expensive to manufacture.

Indeed, they are addressing a high or medium-high clientele, high-level restaurants but also individuals who value quality.

Carlo Mannelli is the co-founder and responsible for domaine marketing.

The quattocalici.it award ceremony!

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Today, 30 August 2021, MissioN18 had another great satisfaction: the inclusion in the quattrocalici.it guide of President Marcello Leder!

We were born from nothing and, armed only with passion and perseverance, we are reaching important goals!!!

Our wines are often "far" from the criticism of the sector because they are angular and endowed with a strong character that differs from the concept of uniformity of taste that is now typical of the market ...

We struggle to emerge in a highly uniform reality in which the principle of product quality has been abandoned in favor of chemistry!

But our mission was something else ... to enhance the territory and respect tradition!

Such an ambitious goal, however, entailed enormous sacrifices and a stubbornness that few would have had ...

We are honored to be part of the quattrocalici.it guide which awarded 4 out of 4 wines presented with the "red goblets"!

Recognition even more welcome as it is intended for very few Campania producers !!!

Amour 4 red goblets!
Abyss 3 red goblets!
Or 3 red goblets!
Tourment 4 red goblets!