The Birth of Lacryma Christi of Vesuvius

There are various myths and legends about the name of wine ...

God recognizing in the Gulf of Naples a strip of sky torn by Lucifer during the fall to hell, wept and where the divine tears fell, the vine of Lacrima Christi rose ...

Another version, on the other hand, tells of Christ visiting a redeemed hermit who, before his farewell, transforms his poorly drinkable drink into excellent wine. The true origins of this magnificent vine are, therefore, as mysterious as its name.

It was produced in ancient times by certain monks, whose convent stood on the slopes of Vesuvius.

It seems that, later on, the Jesuit Fathers, owners of vast lands in those localities, were almost exclusive producers and holders of this precious wine.

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso is a wine that comes from the "Piedirosso" grapes and follows a fermentation and aging procedure scrupulously regulated by the Disciplinary!
It is a light and fresh wine, with a medium taste permanence but very pleasant to drink and taste!

It is a full-bodied wine that should be paired with pasta or polenta with meat sauces, roasted red meats, noble poultry, game, spicy cheeses, without excluding the possibility of marrying it with Neapolitan ragù.
The full-bodied wines owe their particularity also to the fact that they are on a "free" foot (ie they are still the vines that acclimatized there millennia ago), but it is perfect in combination with our always dear "pizza" !!!

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