MissioN18 con Andrea Ratic a "Gusta e Degusta" su Radio FS News! (2)

In February 2021, we had the honor of participating in an event focused on the tasting of some of the wines awarded by the authoritative WineHunter ...
On the occasion of this event, the illustrious journalist Andrea Ratic gave us the opportunity to "talk" about our initiative to "Fs News" in the column Gusta e Degusta!

We had the honor of participating in an event focused on the tasting of some of the wines awarded by the authoritative WineHunter ...

ANDREA RADIC "A successful bet, to bring something new, unique, based on the principles of quality and craftsmanship into the world of wine".

With these words Carlo Mannelli introduces the Mission 18 project, winery and wine production born in 2018 from the will and passion of Mannelli himself, who deals with sales and marketing, his wife Claude Lauwaet, she is the administrative part and Davide La Porta the third partner of the company, and a "superfine nose" in the oenological field.


The three partners worked in a completely different sector from that of wine, in the insurance branch, but the passion for the good things of the earth exceeded that for insurance policies.

So from ideas they passed to facts and today they produce and distribute nine wine labels that express the strength and refinement of the Campania region: Taurasi, Aglianico, Fiano, Lacryma Christi, but also particular native vines such as Catalanesca Essenza del Monte Somma I.G.P. or the Triptych of Tourment grapes, a bet within a bet, a blend capable of enclosing the intensity, body and nobility of the typical grapes of Vesuvius and the province of Avellino.

«Tourment red wine - explains Davide La Porta - is born with a pinch of madness from a land rich in grapes and secrets.

It is in fact the result of the union of grapes typical of our territory that did not allow to adopt any traditional solution. It was necessary to reinvent ourselves and we wanted to create a unique product of its kind, full-bodied and with a strong flavor ».

And the results for the Mission 18 wines did not take long to arrive, so much so that they were awarded by Helmuth Koecher, patron and founder of the Merano Wine Festival and of Wine & Siena with the Wine Hunter Awards, assigned to Amour 2017, Campania Rosso igt, at Fiano of Avellino Or and at Taurasi Abissi a spearhead of the company.

The marketing and style push with labels studied in detail, with the creation of an original and contemporary logo and naming and with distribution and sales methods that find strong response also in the shop online.

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