WineHunter award ceremony to our beloved Abissi and Or!

The Fiano di Avellino "Or" and our beloved Taurasi "Abissi" have reached a very important goal!

MissioN18 was born with one goal: to create quality wines with a unique style, respecting tradition !!!

Our 2012 Abissi is a structured wine in purity that does not enjoy any "facilitation" ... it has no cuts! it is not stretched with mixtures! does not violate the specifications!
In short, we have respected the true nature of artisanal wine, enhancing its aromas and peculiarities.

The Fiano di Avellino "Or" finds its origin far beyond our history, taking root in the society of the ancient Greeks!

The grapes of our Or come from the Municipality of Lapio, where the Greeks transplanted the first Aglianico vines.
They are, therefore, the extreme synthesis of the purity that distinguishes our wines!

As we always say ... Drink well ... Drink MissioN18 !!!
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