"Io Mangio Campano" interviewes MissioN18!!!

Improve quality wines, especially those from Campania, and make them appreciated around the world.

This is the "mission" of ... Mission18, a project born in 2018 which has just turned two years old.

Those who are part of it come from long experience in the commercial field and in particular in the wine sector. A rapidly evolving sector conditioned by many factors.

What stands out first is the label of the wines sold in the online store: a dark, heavy graphic, with devilish tones.

And - those in the know understand - also expensive to manufacture.

Indeed, they are addressing a high or medium-high clientele, high-level restaurants but also individuals who value quality.

Carlo Mannelli is the co-founder and responsible for domaine marketing.

How did the idea of ​​focusing on quality come about?

“We had friends who did their own businesses. We have worked to standardize production systems. We believe we have brought something new to a sector where there is growing but indiscriminate consumption. Wines are drunk more for fashion than for quality. We have re-evaluated some products from the South, mainly from Campania. Too many products had become polluted; we went back to the origins. We have a medium-high target and therefore higher prices ”.

And this label so diabolical?

"It's a choice (laughs, ed). We want to give an aura of mystery, something that concerns the intrigue of the senses.

The colors, such as purple, have a great impact, and so are the names, such as Tormento wine.

I would say that they are intended for a female audience of premises with well-kept furnishings ".

Speaking of Campania wines: without touching the sacred monsters of Piedmont, are we one of the most varied regions?

"Absolutely yes, especially for wines of Irpinia origin.

Our 8 year old Taurasi and our handcrafted Fiano are delicious.

And then there is the Lacryma Christi or the Catalanesca from the Vesuvius National Park which grows only on Monte Somma; it was used to cut other wines, it was forgotten and we have relaunched it. I sincerely believe that various products of our territory have nothing to envy to French or Northern Italian wines.

And then let's look at the story: the first Greek wines were transplanted to Southern Italy ”.

Many businesses have been heavily affected by the Covid emergency. Were you spared? Have you had positive feedback from online sales?

"Partly. We launched into the relationship with quality catering and we looked for those places.

The line ran aground in March and even before this new wave the negative situation continued indefinitely. Many have no longer stocked up. We therefore launched into the retail market.

The results? Lenses.

We believe that the public should be a little polite.

At first the wine lover does not understand, but then if routed he begins to understand and changes his vision to never abandon it ".

Dellvery in 24 hours, various payment methods: is technology that makes the difference even in a sector where the general idea is that it is still tied to old concepts?

"This is precisely the point. Everything technological is associated with medium and low quality. But it is not like that. Through social media, messages, wine stories you attract so many people ".

Let's talk about food, your favorite pizza and the one that goes best with wine?

“First of all, I want to say that in some of our customers' places we have activated an oenological path to combine pizza and wine.

My favorite is the Margherita paired with one of our Taurasi ”.

And for the fish-based Christmas dinner?

"It is a subjective fact. Our Fiano di Avellino Or is perfect with fish. But there are people who drink particular and strong red wines with seafood spaghetti. One of our customers, for example, only pairs reds with fish dinners ".

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