WineHunter award ceremony at our "Amour"

Today was an important day for MissioN18 and we wanted to share it with those who, over the years, have supported us and have been close to us!

Creating a product and making it special means, in some way, getting involved and discovering one's weaknesses but, at the same time, growing and maturing.
MissioN18, although young, has gone through numerous difficulties and negative situations that would have determined, for any company, big problems if not bankruptcy situations!

Moreover, in an absolutely negative historical period that few have seen in the past ...

We, however, have considered it appropriate to break down and overcome any obstacle with the nails and analyze all the negativities, transforming them into strengths! They seem like words but we guarantee you that the nights to reflect on the problems were many!

Your product, however, is always there and "screams" redemption with the blood spilled to make it as perfect as possible!

The dedication shown towards him is not quantifiable ... the hours of work ... the often unfulfilled hopes ... Sharing all this with those people who believed in our initiative and who supported us, has meant a lot and today .. .

Our Campania Aglianico "Amour" has obtained a recognition that, for us, represented a prize for an enormous psychological and physical effort!

The WineHunter red sticker !!! Synonymous with excellence and elegance on an international level.

Thanks thanks thanks....

Drink well... Drink MissioN18!!!
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