MissioN18 at WineHunter Digital Wine & Siena year 2021


We had the honor of participating in an event focused on the tasting of some of the wines awarded by the authoritative WineHunter ......

In the company of President Helmuth Köcher and emeritus journalist Andrea Radic, we analyzed two wines presented for tasting!

Campania Aglianico I.G.T. Amour of 2017 and our beloved Fiano di Avellino Or.

Both are results worthy of the "Red WineHunter" label and have returned to international wine excellences!

It fills us with pride as our wines are the result of a frantic and constant search for quality and style by our structure ... something we will never tire of doing.

They are, however, even more a sign of appreciation for a young company like ours which had, in fact, the honor of having a chat with top-level competitor companies in a very prestigious event.

Thank you for your availability and the following shown towards us by all of you!!!

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